Feature Projects

Indicative viewpoint from Highway 54


A 25MW community solar project developed in Alberta, in partnership with local businessman Bob Bilton and the Town of Innisfail, which is the first project in Alberta with a community benefit agreement that aligns with Alberta’s Community Generation Program. It is now being built by Elemental Energy and will be operational by the spring of 2020. If you would like to find out more information about it please visit the project webpage here, or email questions to innisfailsolar@outlook.com.

80m 500kW Wind Turbine


A 80m 500kW wind turbine developed, funded and operated by Longspur and commissioned in August 2016 in the UK. The project provides a community benefit fund shared each year between over 50 local households within 1.5km of the wind turbine, as well as income diversification for the host farm.

This project is an example of 55 similar projects the Longspur team completed over a 5 year period, all of which they still operate today.

120-acre 34MW Solar PV Project

Port Farm

A 120-acre 34MW solar PV project delivered by Longspur in March 2015 in the UK. A project of this scale brought many unique challenges to be overcome during construction, including a 14km grid cable dig through residential streets, and a protected Government gas pipeline running through the centre of the site.

This is an example of 11 similar projects developed or acquired, constructed and sold on behalf of ReneSola Ltd.

29 x 199kW Biomass Boilers

International Poultry Producer

29 x 199kW biomass boilers were installed in a series of poultry sheds across separate locations to provide heat throughout the year. The projects were developed, funded and are now operated by Longspur.

Approved site plan for 20MW battery

Battery Energy Storage


In November 2017 Longspur secured a permit to build a 20MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) which will connect to the distribution network in Crewe, England. Once built, the battery will provide critical grid balancing services in the local area.

5MW biogas plant processing food waste

Hemswell Biogas Plant

Hemswell Biogas processes 250,000 tons per year of food waste located in Lincolnshire, England. Through a process called Anaerobic Digestion it utilises the waste as a raw material to create methane, which in turn is used to generate electricity that is 100% renewable and exported to the national grid. The end product, or digestate, is then used as a fertiliser on surrounding farmland and has a significantly lower carbon intensity than synthetic fertilisers. Hemswell is one of 7 biogas projects that have been invested in to, with a combined capacity of nearly 25MW.

2MW run-of-river hydro

Pattack Hydro

This 2MW run-of-river hydro project in Scotland was commissioned in 2017, and was the last of 14 similar projects in Scotland with a total capacity of 20MW that Longspur invested in.

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